How to Make Money with Friends Betting on Live Video Games

Every video game lover knows how amazing the experience can be. There are different gaming platforms, including console games, arcade games, and PC games.  As different advancements happen on several fronts, the gaming industry does not fall behind. There has been an exceptional expansion of its horizons more recently to mobile gaming via smartphones & tablets, remote cloud gaming, and virtual & augmented reality systems.

Video gaming platforms have become betting platforms for a lot of Esports lovers that see and take the advantage of video games, making them their source of fortune. The great thing about video games is that you can sit at the comfort of your home and place your bet on any of the available virtual platforms. And if your passion and dedication about betting with friends are high, you can make a good amount of cash from it.

Live Video Games: Can I Make Money Betting?

“Can I make money betting online?” is one of the common questions game lovers usually ask. This question is meant to explore the extent to which live video games can put money in your pocket or account. Fortunate game players know the importance of game selection and how having clear expectations of what you’re into can contribute immensely to making money online. There are lots of opportunities for players that look in the appropriate spots.

Although it is possible to make money betting on live video games when you’re skillful and equipped with incredible abilities, it is important to know that some will solely depend on luck.

Moreover, there are strategies you need to consider in live betting. Some of these include:

  1. Placing a pregame wager

You should try to use a pregame wager in your live video game. Such a wager can stand as insurance when you make an impressive pregame bet.

  1. Getting an accurate live stream

Getting an accurate live stream of the game that interests you will help you make more informed judgments and bet more smartly.

  1. Using statistics

There are statistics for each game that you may want to refer to if any exists in the archive.

How does Betting on Live Video Games Work?

When you’re playing live video games for money, there are things you need to consider. The first thing is to take dedication seriously by spending ample time on the game of your choice to become better at it to the extent of being capable of competing with and against the professionals. Apart from taking your time to know the games, it is also important that you know the appropriate time to place your bet, how to place your bet, the games you can bet on, and so on. Two of the live video games you can bet on are:

  • Fortnite live sport

For those that love Fortnite live sport but are not too good when playing as a Ninja, there is another opportunity for you to make money with your friends by betting on Fortnite tournaments. Getting the odds right, you will smile as the strategic knowledge is converted to real cash by live gaming platforms like BoliesTV, that not only streams, but also provides you a chance to make money with Esports.

  • Call of Duty

Call of Duty (COD) refers to a first-person shooter that is well known in esports. As a live video game, you can place your bet to make a good amount of cash. But before you start betting with your friends, you need to know how the game works. Try as much as possible to know the core gameplay mechanics, angles, maps, and other relevant information that can make you understand it better.

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