On Gaming, Streaming, and the Blockchain: What’s out there?


Blockchain technology has grown over the last few years, attempting to enter almost every aspect of our lives – with particular focus on the already digital aspects, for obvious reasons. While we are yet to find the killer app that makes blockchain big, bringing it into our homes, there’s no doubt there are many people trying, with several proposals being worthy of interest.

The angle of monetization of gaming, on-chain availability and ease of streaming are the lingering focal points as new technologies emerge. The question is, what is the future of gaming in blockchain?


The paucity of core gaming on the chain


When it comes to core gaming, the train comes to a standstill. The core gaming market is focused on two types of experiences- single and multi-player games. Yet, the availability of gaming platforms on the blockchain is still lean. It might be surprising that the global gaming market is projected to top $167 billion by 2021 with gamers spending more then $159 billion around the world already in 2020.

For all the good that blockchain technology might be bringing into the world, the chance for extremely high latency might raise some concerns, but recent projects that enables internet layers on blockchains provide a way out. Also, projects that combine the 3D and higher dimensions capabilities with blockchain and internet-enabled streaming provide a way out.

Enter streaming


Video gaming and streaming isn’t new as a market – and here, we refer to streaming as playing games in your computer that are on a server elsewhere. It’s been around for a while, and many services have existed, including Google’s own Stadia, Sony’s PS and these days Microsoft’s Xbox.

None has been successful so far, or at least not hugely.

The inherent limitations of these streaming systems, coupled with the high processing power and bandwidth requirements have made them niche products. Some have had some success, but none has become the gamechanger so far.


That’s where the blockchain could be a point of departure. And turns out there are offers for people to play videogames and make money on-chain. BoliesTV happens to redefine entertainment and monetization in a way that others have not. The ecosystem provides for video gaming, earnings, and a chance to also optimize the experience of cryptocurrencies using its native Boliecoins.

So, such platforms like BoliesTV make it possible for anyone to enjoy the magic of gaming on-the-go just by logging in to the platform. The decentralized nature might make latencies lower, too, allowing people to play anything they want, anywhere, without needing a bulky system.


The Way Ahead

As new technologies make it possible for the best of pitch-perfect streaming, speed, and efficiency to come alive on the blockchain, gaming will take a new turn. There is no doubt that as the industry reaches its heights in billions of dollars in turnover, better projects will be seen, and gamers will have the experience they envisage with greater ease.